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Reviews for Gold Range Bistro in Yellowknife, NT

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“Awesome Food”

I was actually quite surprised the first time I ever ordered Chinese from the Gold Range. The prices are on par with southern restaurants, and if you like Americanized Chinese, I would say this is about the best I've ever had. The restaurant is located in the Gold Range complex, which most people would find unsavoury, to say the least...So either grab take-out, or get it delivered, and you won't be disappointed... Great food & great prices!

- ykdweller, Yellowknife (via

“Fantastic Surprise”

We just moved to YK and were out on a Sunday morning drive to find a breakfast joint, as is our tradition. The place was packed, coffee fresh and service, although busy, was incredibly friendly to us, even though we had a baby in tow. Hubby and I each ordered bacon and eggs. They were done to perfection. Hashbrowns were real and there was even an option for brown, white or rye toast. Overall, very good value. Prices reasonable. We will be back.

“Local Favourite”

The Gold Range (or just “Range”) is a fabled location in Yellowknife - but not necessarily for positive reasons - but the Gold Range Bistro is a local gem that may go unnoticed or untried by visitors because of its' sketchy location. That would be too bad because "Range Street" is a place that exemplifies at least part of the character of this northern capital.

We've eaten here many times and it has always been very good. Economical specials - and there is always a lunch time Chinese special - and a great breakfast. The specials often remind me of some "home cookin".

My travel motto is “find out where the locals go,” because it usually means a good meal and an extra shot of character. Well I'm a local in Yellowknife and this is where I go pretty often!

- pcchynoweth, Yellowknife (via

“Good Chinese Food”

One of the tour operators suggested us to try out this restaurant and it turned out it was a good suggestion. They have some Chinese dishes which was good for us as we are from Asia. The staff was helpful and friendly. The food was yummy.

– Faith, H., Hong Kong China (via

“Great Local Breakfast Spot”

Reliable breakfast fare and bottomless coffee quickly served by a very authentic wait staff. Lots of locals but visitors will feel welcomed.

– DrQ2014, San Francisco, California (via

“A Little ‘Hole in the Wall,’ but worth Checking Out”

This little hole in the wall wasn't anything special, but the breakfast was good and the locals who frequent the place made the experience that much more enjoyable! Good for your typical breakfast.

– Kattiia, Kitchener, Ontario (via

“Best Sweet & Sour Pork in YK”

Seriously the best sweet and sour pork in YK, boneless deliciousness! The only (as far as I am concerned)!

Also the meal deals are tons of food for a great price! A meal for one person feeds at least two people.

Me and my hubby order one meal for one person and usually have leftovers.

Food is fast, I recommend takeout.

– Theresa N., Yellowknife (via

“The Food was Good”

Do not be taken aback by the outside appearance of the restaurant..... they have a good menu with many different items, their service was fast and efficient ..... and the staff were friendly.

– StinMB, Brandon, Manitoba (via

“Best Value Restaurant in Yellowknife”

I eat lunch there every day. Super staff and good food, either Chinese or Western home style. Reasonable prices. Location is slummy but safe.

– ykmichael, Yellowknife (via

“Very Basic, but Good Grub”

Ideally placed in the middle of town. The best coffee in town and quality burgers at a very reasonable price.

– Peter C., Auckland Region, New Zealand (via

“Great Spot for Breakfast”

Though I've been going to Yellowknife for business regularly for the last three years, this was my first visit to the Gold Range. I must have walked past it dozens of times, but there was nothing from the outside that caught my attention and suggested it would be a good place to eat. Happily, a recommendation from a local sent me in for breakfast one day (and I went the next day as well). It was great. The restaurant is quite casual, the server friendly and chatty, the service is fast, and the breakfast is good. For about $10 you get two eggs, two pieces of toast, several sausages, and a decent-sized pile of home fries, plus a bottomless cup of coffee. That's pretty hard to beat for the price. I can't say anything about lunch or supper, but it's a great spot for breakfast.

– Peter B., Halifax, Nova Scotia (via

“Surprisingly Excellent”

I was very cautious when my co-workers suggested we order our take out dinner from this restaurant, as it is the "Gold Range" and a lot of horror stories have circled around able it in the 8 years I have been in Yellowknife. However, this is not the bar, this is a separate facility, although the same building. We ordered a huge order, Dinner for 10 and a couple extras and was delivered hot, fresh and it was great. There was no blending of flavors as you find from a few low end Chinese restaurants, each dish has its own flavor and they were all excellent. The spicy dishes were just the right amount of heat to not take away from the flavor, over all I was really impressed.

- gordupnorth, Yellowknife (via

“A Little Slice of Yellowknife Life”

The bistro is a great place to meet friends for breakfast. The prices are reasonable—which is rare in Yellowknife. Great service and you'll always see some of Yellowknife's colourful characters having a coffee and a chat.

- Hbomb333, Yellowknife (via

“A Hidden Gem”

This sure doesn't look like much and proves that looks can be deceiving. They serve a great breakfast through the week and their lunch menu is excellent. Mary keeps everyone on their toes - ask her about the outhouse :) We ate there almost every morning last week and quite a few suppers, so that says it all.

- da50, Innerkip, Ontario (via

“Amazing Food, Amazing Service”

The Gold Range Bistro is definitely one of my favourite locations to eat in Yellowknife. I have never been disappointed with the food or the service. Mary is by far the best server you will find in this town. She is just awesome. The food is cheaper than most, if not all places in Yellowknife, but cheap does not mean bad. The food here is great. It is definitely the best Chinese food in town, but they have a varied menu including burgers, sandwiches, salads etc. I love it. I have since my first visit back in 2007.

- tdugg, Yellowknife (via

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